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works on paper


Below are some of the drawings that I have created, as part of the Winter series.  All are done in graphite and/or silverpoint, and all are inspired by objects found in nature, as well as by the beautiful surroundings that I am lucky enough to find myself in.

The process of making these detailed, subtle drawings is slow and meditative.  It is my hope that the finished pieces convey this sense of quiet and stillness, and perhaps inspire these sensations in the viewer.

Please email for purchase info.

double window
pair of feathers
decomposing pine cone
feathers/heiroglyph 1
feathers/heiroglyph 1
feathers/heiroglyph 2
feathers/heiroglyph 3
feather bow 1
feather bow 2
pair of feathers (nest)
the road home (photo)
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