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Cloud 9 Stitching is the creation of Colleen Davy, a seamstress, dyer, and quilter living and working in Northern New Mexico, USA.

My first introduction to sewing was at my Aunt Kitty's kitchen table.  She was a master of the craft, making bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, clothes for her family... all while raising her daughters and working at the local knitting mill.  For her, sewing was both a necessary skill and a source of satisfaction, joy and pride.   I absorbed that knowledge from her, and it has stayed with me throughout my life.  After many years of stitching for custom interiors workrooms and upholstery shops, in California, New Jersey, and New Mexico, I have decided to focus more attention and time on my own designs and creations.  

It is my goal to create objects that are beautiful, functional, and finely-crafted.   It is my hope that they bring a little bit of joy to others.  This goal and this hope are part of what keeps me inspired.


The quilts and other items in this collection are made from all natural fabrics, mostly linen and cotton, and some of the fabrics have been dyed using natural plant dyes.  All have been carefully designed and made with attention to function, durability, and of course, beauty.  The rich texture and feel of linen are what give these pieces their distinctive look, as well as their longevity.  And of course, nothing really matches the softness and subtlety of color that can be achieved with natural plant dyes.  The soft, muted color palette echoes our high desert landscape here in Northern New Mexico. 

These quilts are meant to be used, and will only get softer with time as they are passed along to the next generation.

Commissions are welcome.

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